On the lead up to September, we can appreciate it is an anxious time for people seeking a role in education. That’s why at Pink Tile Education, we are here to support you in navigating the job market, ultimately increasing your chances of finding a school that matches your unique set of skills. We’ve put our heads together in Pink Tile HQ and come up with the best interview tips:

1. Homework Time!

Research everything you can about the school you are interviewing with. Look at their website, social media profiles (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), and recent press releases or blogs will give you a real insight into the school’s future goals, environment and how your skills and experience will make you the perfect fit for the job. Above and beyond this, your effort will show in the interview and you will make a lasting impression!

2. Prepare & Practice

Request a copy of the job description and person specification! Read it carefully, and think of examples that hit their criteria. Pay extra attention to specific skills the school is looking for and draw on your experience. With your consultant, practice your responses to common interview questions such as ’why did you decide to become a teacher?’ and ’what can you offer this school?’.

3. Be An Early Bird!

Plan to arrive at least 10-15 minutes early. Make sure you plan the trip to the interview location, even consider a trip to the school ahead of your interview day so that you know what to expect. Make sure you go to bed the night before knowing you’re well prepared for the next morning. Things you should consider taking along with you; a bottle of water, copies of your CV, a notebook, and a pen. On the day of the interview, try to wake up early and give yourself plenty of time to get ready.

4. Breath!

It’s important you are able to concentrate so if you feel anxious or nervous, take a few deep breaths before going into the interview room. When you’re being interviewed, listen to the questions and allow yourself some time to think before you reply. Speak slowly and be clear. Do not be afraid to ask your interviewer to repeat the question if you feel yourself rambling! Remember, the better prepared you are, the more comfortable and confident you will feel.

5. Dress To Impress!

First impression count for a lot! Dress professionally for the interview and exude the impression you are looking to give. Make sure your outfit is appropriate for the school you are interviewing with.

6. Prepare Questions!

“Do you have any questions for us?” Be ready for this! It shows interest in the job. Also, take notes during the interview to keep track of any questions you might want to ask. Often they will arise as you go!

7. If You Want The Job, Tell Them!

Show the interviewers that you want the job! Tell them, even! Be personable, and confident. Keep your enthusiasm throughout the interview and make sure you smile! Remember that body language speaks volumes so use positive body language. Sit up straight and maintain good, comfortable eye contact. Be mindful of speaking negatively of previous employers – keep everything positive! At the end, always thank the employer for their time and tell them that you look forward to hearing from them.