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Oli Green

Founder & Director

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On Your Terms

Daily Supply

Daily supply to suit your lifestyle. We are well equipped to provide a wide range of work opportunities, from daily to short-term assignments - keep it flexible!

Long-Term Supply

Let's talk long-term! From long-term absences to specialist vacancies - we are well appointed to support you in finding a perfect long-term assignment.

Fixed-Term Contract

Prefer to work directly? No problem. We have a large portfolio of clients and many of them will happily offer a fixed-term contract over a timesheet booking.


We pride ourselves on being an agency of choice for permanent opportunities. Perfectly matched staff promote better outcomes for young people.

Who we are

We are an energetic team of expert recruiters that love to make a difference. We specialise in education; nursery, primary, secondary and SEND – and everything in between (yes, there is an in between!) As well as loving what we do, we mindful about how we do it. We care about people, we think about outcomes and our integrity sets us apart.

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Who we’re not

We are not a traditional education recruitment business with a legacy brand to fall back on. We’re disruptors, just like you. We’re not huge; we don’t have hundreds of offices across the country and we do not have thousands of consultants. We serve the Southeast and we like it that way. We don’t have big egos or big fees. We’re not focused on our share price and our bottom line. Our focus is on delivering success for you. When you succeed, we succeed.

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What we do

We provide a full end-to-end recruitment service to both candidates and clients across the Southeast. We use our skills and knowledge to seek out your perfect role in education. We care about the details and go above and beyond to make long lasting relationships. We like to think we contribute to the raising of standards in education, because we believe that people are their best selves when they are in the right job!

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Why we do it

We know that teachers and support staff excel when they are in the right role. By promoting the best possible outcomes for young people, we are all investing in the future. At Pink Tile Education, we do not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. You are unique and we celebrate this.

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Our Promises.
Your Expectations


We promise to act honestly and with integrity. You can expect transparency from day one and at every stage of the process.


Registering is straightforward and working with us is even easier! Our processes are designed with you in mind.


We work very hard to advocate for you. We ensure your expectations are matched, if not exceeded.


Your dedicated consultant is on hand at all times to support you, providing guidance and supporting you in your search.

What People are saying

Feedback is everything! It helps us learn and evolve. Our teachers (and support staff) have taught us so much over the years.

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Pink Tile Education
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angel zemouriangel zemouri
15:48 07 Jun 24
Rachel has been absolutely amazing getting me connected with a school and ready to work. Everyone has been so lovely and easy to reach, they have been so accommodating while I was finishing uni. I'm loving working with them.
Dan was an absolute pleasure to deal with & is also very transparent which is great. He’s always wanting your best interest and is a great guy to speak to. I can’t recommend him and pink tile enough, especially if you’re wanting to start off somewhere in teaching!
Lisa DayLisa Day
18:24 24 May 24
I've had such a wonderful experience with pink tile. Lucy has been super helpful and Very understanding. Lovely team throughout.Would highly recommend
Emily LansburyEmily Lansbury
17:12 24 May 24
Staff were very friendly and helpful especially Lucy, had such an amazing experience with them.
Jennie FennJennie Fenn
21:13 25 Apr 24
A wonderful agency had work offered to me very quickly. Great team very helpful, friendly and understanding.Highly recommended. Rachel in the team is very supportive.
Gabrielle Teq SternGabrielle Teq Stern
16:16 22 Mar 24
I cannot recommend PinkTile enough! Not only do they get stuff done fast and efficiently, but they also care about you as a person!After my school closed down suddenly, I was at a complete loss and overwhelmed. Oli jumped into action and found me a placement (which at nearly summer holiday time, was a feat in itself!!) and has been totally supportive of that journey. After leaving that placement, I worked with Rachel. She has found me some supply work taking into consideration my need for public transport, never leaving me hanging, and always ensuring I am kept in the loop. This is by far the friendliest and most considerate agency I've ever met, and I look forward to continuing to work with them!For any one needing help and support foraging for jobs in the education sector, PinkTile is my number 1 choice for a high quality service that looks after you and your education dreams.
michelle potticarymichelle potticary
17:56 19 Mar 24
I have had such a great experience with pink tile. Dan and Sophia have been so helpful. I always have speedy responses and they're so on the ball with information and paperwork. Love this company and would definitely recommend.
Pink Tile is the best agency I’ve ever worked for and Rachel has been amazing, welcoming! Never delay with payments and always got job continuously. If one school doesn’t require a cover Rachel always gave me another school.Compare to my previous experiences Pink Tile is the best agency and I highly recommend them to anyone that would like to get into teaching at school!Thank you Pink Tile Education and thanks a lot Rachel for all your support!
maria animaria ani
08:45 01 Mar 24
Amazing experience with PinkTile, there are always shift available even if you have a student timetable/availability. They will also stay in contact with you also. Great place to be employed at!
cws Sharpecws Sharpe
08:05 26 Feb 24
Excellent help and support
John MortimerJohn Mortimer
12:38 24 Feb 24
Perfect experience working under pink tile. Great communication of availabilities. Easy to sign up and providing great oppurtunitys for longer term employment , Melissa is very helpful and has given me lots of very helpful feedback and has helped me lots in finding a job that best suits me. *****
Adedayo AlukoAdedayo Aluko
21:44 23 Feb 24
Their team was incredibly responsive and helpful, from the moment I reached out to inquire about teaching opportunities.They took the time to understand my skills, preferences, and career goals, ensuring they matched me with the perfect teaching positions.Pink Tile Education has a genuine commitment to both educators and schools, placing educators in environments where they can thrive and make a real difference in students' lives.Many thanks to Rachel for her professionalism, dedication, and support and truly making me feel valued as a professional.I am recommending them to any educator seeking enriching and rewarding teaching experiences.Thank you Pink Tile Education, for your outstanding work!
Emmanuel DiabuahEmmanuel Diabuah
12:29 17 Feb 24
Pink Tile has an incredibly responsive team, Melissa have always provided me with additional support to ensure I felt confident in my role. This level of communication has made my experience as a teaching assistant exceptionally positive. I truly appreciate their commitment to ensuring a smooth and supportive work environment and have referred some professionals to them. Would recommend anytime.
Daisy BatkinDaisy Batkin
13:43 16 Feb 24
If anyone is interested in working In education then I would strongly suggest joining Pink Tile. They are welcoming and such a friendly company to work for. They look after their supply staff and overall I have had a wonderful experience working for them. Melissa is polite, understanding and extremely helpful. If you want to talk about your successes they are genuinely happy for you. If you had a bad day and need some support they are there to listen. Thank you pink tile!
Mary CarrMary Carr
04:09 16 Feb 24
My experience at Pink Tile has been mixedGoodLovely staffPaid on timeAs a supply TA I was allocated good schoolsBadNo financial stabilityCancellation of pre arranged work commitment literally immediately. A whole week’s work gone and not notified until I turned up at the school.Patchy work - last year wasn’t contacted for any work for 3 months.Company has potential but their systems need to be more aligned
mashal zaheermashal zaheer
09:59 15 Feb 24
Absolutely lovely experience. Dan, Sam and Sophie have been very helpful throughout the hiring process. You can get work consistently and paid on time. I recommend them a 100%!!
Hannah RobbHannah Robb
17:14 14 Feb 24
Really friendly people!
Ross GardnerRoss Gardner
08:54 14 Feb 24
Fantastic company to work for, managed to find me work very promptly and really consider people as an individual rather than just a number.Dan and Rachel are fantastic to work with and great with communication. Thank you.
Samantha TebbsSamantha Tebbs
10:26 13 Feb 24
Pinktile education has been such a positive experience, Dan has been such a support in unknown territory. He has helped me secure a permanent role in a fantastic school and I couldn’t be more happy. ????
Fernande FinchFernande Finch
10:12 13 Feb 24
I am extremely happy to have found Pink Tile and would recommend them to anyone interested in the Education field.The whole team is friendly, very flexible and understanding.They strive to find the right school for you or the position you might be looking for. One thing you can be sure of is that they do look after their supply staff!
Louise HedleyLouise Hedley
20:32 12 Feb 24
I would highly recommend this hard working, dedicated and professional team. Dan has been so unwavering in his support for me, as I begin on my supply journey in West Sussex.
My experience working with Rachel at Pink Tile has been excellent. Having not done supply teaching before she made me feel instantly at ease and has got me work to fit my availability every week.Pink Tile make you feel valued as a supply teacher and have plenty of work opportunities available whatever you might be looking for.
Alice MoritaAlice Morita
19:56 08 Feb 24
Pink Tile it's the best agency I've ever worked for. Registering already was a smooth and quick, differently than some of my previous experiences and both Rachel and Dan have been nothing but amazing, welcoming and open people! I soon got two job offers that I really liked and the most challenging part so far was really just choosing which school I wanted to go to. Pink Tile was a great decision and led me to a job that I love. Thanks!
Casey LaatzCasey Laatz
14:25 08 Feb 24
Eddie ManwillEddie Manwill
00:06 26 Jan 24
My experience has been really good with pink tile and everything has been very straightforward. Dan and Sophia helped me to find a job that was exactly what I was looking for with a great school which I’m really grateful for.
Adisa BanjanovicAdisa Banjanovic
00:31 19 Jan 24
Extremely satisfied with all the help Dan and Sophia provided during my registration process with Pink Tile. It was overwhelming at times to go through all the registration documents as well as complete some online courses. Dan was always available to answer any questions or where in-person meeting required. The team is very thorough and transparent, that also provided me with more realistic picture of what to expect. I am happy to report it was very positive and permanent job placement that followed. A very friendly as well as professional and committed team!
12:30 14 Jan 24
Caroline WattsCaroline Watts
17:35 01 Oct 23
Excellent company. Dan was fully supportive and found me some specific teaching role opportunities. Thanks to Pink Tile I was offered a permanent teaching position in a great SEN school in West Sussex.
Emmett LeetEmmett Leet
13:07 01 Oct 23
I would like to express my appreciation to Dan Bayford at Pink Tile Education for his exceptional assistance in helping me secure a job at an independent school. Dan's guidance, expertise, and support throughout the job search process were invaluable. He took the time to understand my career goals and tailored his advice accordingly, ensuring that I was well-prepared for interviews and confident in showcasing my skills and experience.Thanks to Dan's guidance, I not only secured a position at an independent school but also found a role that aligns perfectly with my passion and interests. I am now thoroughly enjoying my new job and am grateful for the opportunity.I highly recommend Dan Bayford and Pink Tile Education to anyone seeking assistance with their career or job search. Their personalised approach, industry knowledge, and commitment to their clients make them an outstanding choice.
Emily SpiceleyEmily Spiceley
17:10 28 Sep 23
Pink Tile has been amazing with helping me find and secure my first job in a primary school. Their communication from the start has been great and consistent, I’ve always had a quick response to any queries or concerns about my role. The staff are lovely and so helpful.
Hope RidgleyHope Ridgley
15:48 28 Sep 23
Dan is very supportive and friendly, and has been amazing with answering any questions I’ve had. Pink Tiles is the best agency I have gone through, If you are interested in any jobs in education I couldn’t recommend anyone better.
adam cochraneadam cochrane
10:30 01 Sep 23
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Melissa to get my new position. She was keen and enthusiastic throughout and nothing was too much trouble. She took the time to find out exactly what I was looking for and matched me with the perfect opportunity. From my initial contact with Pink Tile to receiving the offer was less than a week. I couldn't ask for more.
Rebeka AylwinRebeka Aylwin
16:43 16 Aug 23
I've had a great experience with Pink Tile - consistent work, good rate of pay and clear communication. Sam and Oli are super friendly and always at the end of the phone to answer any queries or concerns. I'm very grateful for the support received from them.
Ben ThomasBen Thomas
11:21 24 Jul 23
Very professional, attentive and supportive throughout the job seeking process.
Andrew ScullyAndrew Scully
23:48 21 Jul 23
Amazing recruitment. Highly recommended would use again any time.
Caitlin WattamCaitlin Wattam
20:57 21 Jul 23
Pink Tile have been absolutely outstanding with helping me get a job! They have also been extremely patient with me with circumstances I have outside of our conversations and they always encourage me and cheer me on whenever they can! Thank you Pink Tile for your support ????
Elena WaiteElena Waite
03:33 21 Jul 23
Dan was an excellent mentor who is dedicated and passionate about education. If you’re starting out your journey in teaching this is the first place you should go.
Rebecca McGuinnessRebecca McGuinness
20:13 20 Jul 23
Oli has been excellent throughout. Unlike others really listened to what I was looking for and actively did everything he could to make it happen. Even kind of coached me a bit to consider new paths I hadn’t fully considered. Always available, fun to communicate with and always, always working for your benefit. The best supply experience I’ve had. I’ve had a successful outcome working with Oli, but even if I hadn’t just yet this review would read exactly the same as I knew he was working hard for me through out and wouldn’t have stopped until I was sorted!Thanks! You have made my summer holiday so much more fun!;)
George JohnsonGeorge Johnson
17:05 20 Jul 23
Dan has been so helpful at getting me my new job. Constant clear communication through the whole process and so quick to get back to me with any issues. Can’t thank him enough for his support throughout.
lois arthurlois arthur
12:13 19 Jul 23
Pink Tile education have been so fantastic in helping me not only secure interviews but also in maintaining constant communication and progress updates on potential roles. 10/10 would advise anyone looking to secure a role in education to use Pink Tile, the team are so lovely and attentive!
Hannah CrilleyHannah Crilley
15:25 27 Apr 23
Amazing support and help throughout! Very approachable staff! Dan is Always willing to help and listen to concerns or to give encouragement! Such a great experience and made my experience 10 times better and easier! Grateful for having such a good experience! Can’t thank Pink-tile, especially Dan enough!
10:52 26 Apr 23
Had a really great experience with Pink Tile thus far! I was initially liaising with Keenan who was really lovely and keen to get me into some local schools. I then went on to chat with Dan who had really good knowledge of the special schools in the area. I was only available to work 2 days a week and he has found me a great placement locally for the days I am available! I really appreciate all of his help. Communication with them is fantastic!
Lisa LaversLisa Lavers
10:25 26 Apr 23
Pink Tile and in particular Dan have been absolutely fantastic to work with. I secured two interviews and two job offers! Dan really knows his clients and really helped me take control of my new career. I thoroughly recommend Pink Tile!
Danika Atkinson-CoxDanika Atkinson-Cox
08:07 03 Apr 23
Thank you to the team at Pink Tile: Keenan, Matt, Dan, Sophia, Oli, Katie and Sam for managing to find me an opportunity so quickly. Pink Tile offer so many great opportunities working in schools and the team are very helpful, and the process runs very smoothly. Special mention to Matt for helping me secure an opportunity working in an SEN school, and for helping me every step of the interview process with advice and questions. Also thank you to Keenan and Dan who helped with this position too.
Toby ScottToby Scott
12:00 30 Mar 23
Everyone I interacted with at Pink Tile was so helpful. Daniel was always on hand to help with any questions I had and Sophia was really good on getting all my documents sorted quickly so I could concentrate and focus on being comfortable going into a new job. Thankyou to pink tile on helping me in my new career change.
Tallulah BuckleyTallulah Buckley
19:07 22 Mar 23
I’m so grateful for Pink Tile Education for helping me get recruited to my first TA job! Dan and Sophia are so friendly and encouraging. They were great at describing the role and they also made a helpful video about how to have a successful trial shift :)! I would highly recommend going to Pink Tile if you are interested in a role in education.
Maria WillsonMaria Willson
13:05 03 Mar 23
Matthew and Sophia at Pink Tile Education have been amazing from the very first phone call. Matthew kept me informed each step of the way. I have now been offered an excellent position which I believe I would not have been in line for if they hadn’t put me forward personally. This process has been organised and completely on the ball and I feel like I know them well just through phone calls and emails.I could go on and on! Fantastic company. Highly recommended ????
Milena DrygasMilena Drygas
21:05 18 Jan 23
I have very positive experience with Pink Tile Education. When I had applied to Pink Tile I got a response from them in the same day. Mathew has matched me with the perfect school. I really recommend this very friendly agency, I only regret that I didn't meet them sooner.
Cris JACris JA
16:39 16 Jan 23
I am so grateful to Katie from Pink Tile Education in Brighton for being so incredibly helpful and kind since day 1 I joined Pink Tile Education. She listened and took into account my preferences and found me an amazing school to work as a Modern Foreign Languages teacher in an incredibly short amount of time. I thought I would have to wait months for Pink Tile to find something that suited me and my job experience, but it wasn't like that at all. As soon as I joined Pink Tile Katie arranged job interviews for me and has been amazing. Even now that I'm working already at the school she found for me, Katie checks very often to see how I'm doing. Highly recommend working with Pink Tile as I only have good words for them, especially Katie from Brighton Pink Tile Education.
Keira ThomasKeira Thomas
11:48 09 Aug 22
My experience with Pink Tile Education has been very positive. The journey with them has been thorough and straight forward, and the communication has been efficient and clear throughout.The excellent service provided from Matt and Sophia has been very welcoming, accommodating, friendly, and has made me feel valued, which makes all the difference during a recruitment process.I really appreciate everything they’ve done for me, and I highly recommend Pink Tile Education to anyone seeking a role in education.
Sa-Leanne KnightSa-Leanne Knight
20:33 02 Aug 22
I was quite concerned approaching an agency but from the very quick initial form to working was seamless. Dan matched me to the perfect school and Sophia supported me well through the compliance. The communication from Dan in particular is fantastic. I have and will continue to recommend Pink Tile!
Dan BarberDan Barber
16:10 26 Jul 22
Pink tile helped me secure a 12 week trial with the Southfield Trust! Mathew Singleton really made the process easy and did most of the work for me! He helped secure a trial shift and created my profile to help me find work. I really recommend going through pink tile to find work, and especially with Mathew if you get lucky! :)
Prairie SunflowerPrairie Sunflower
05:57 21 Jul 22
I was finding it difficult to find the right opportunities to get me moving in my teaching assistant role. I contacted a few agencies but Pink Tiles was the one to quickly reply back in a friendly and informative manner.They had me set up and starting employment within a few weeks gaining the experience I needed. Thanks to that, I have since been hired on with the school.Pink Tiles was so easy to work with and really gives that boost you need to get going.
Lauren ThompsonLauren Thompson
15:57 20 Jul 22
I was really skeptical about working with an agency - But working for Pink Tile with Dan has not felt like an agency, from the very beginning he made me feel so welcome & always checked in on me regarding my new job. He goes above & beyond to make sure you’re happy & communicates very well!! Dan you’re amazing!!

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