Find your fit as support staff

Teaching Assistant, Individual Needs Assistant, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Behaviour Support Assistant, Learning Support Assistant… the list goes on. Support staff are the beating heart of any school and contribute enormously. Support roles will vary massively depending on the needs of the school and the child.

Support staff are usually responsible for delivering interventions and play a key role in helping build resilience and independence, allowing the class teacher to focus on the bigger picture. Being a member of support staff is exceptionally rewarding and some people go on to train to teach in the future! At Pink Tile Education, we are equipped to support you in finding a role you will love.

The support staff roles we offer are usually longer term or permanent, but we are able to provide day to day cover supervisor work. If you are passionate about working with young people, regardless of phase, we can help you find your fit. Please take a look at our current jobs or simply get in touch to find out how we can help you secure your next role!