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At Pink Tile, we are more than just a recruitment agency; we are the bridge that connects passionate educators with rewarding opportunities in Brighton and Hove’s vibrant education sector. Specialising in high-quality recruitment services, we are dedicated to finding the perfect match between talented professionals and dynamic educational settings, ensuring a positive impact on the lives of young people.


Why Choose Pink Tile for Your Education Career in Brighton and Hove?

  • Expertise in Brighton and Hove: Our deep understanding of the local education landscape positions us uniquely to offer tailored guidance and opportunities.
  • Quality-Driven Process: We pride ourselves on a rigorous vetting process, ensuring high-quality matches between educators and schools.
  • Commitment to Development: Pink Tile is dedicated to the professional development of educators, offering resources and support to enhance their impact on young people.


Our Services: A Spectrum of Opportunities

We specialise in a diverse range of education jobs in Brighton and Hove, catering to various career stages and aspirations:

  • Teaching Roles: From primary to secondary education, we connect teachers with schools that match their expertise and teaching philosophy.
  • Leadership Positions: For those aspiring to take on leadership roles, we offer placements in management and administrative positions within the education sector.
  • Specialist Support Staff: Recognising the importance of all roles within education, we also recruit for specialist support positions, including SEN support, teaching assistants, and more.


The Importance of High-Quality Education Recruitment

  • Impact on Young People: The right educator can significantly influence the lives and futures of young people. Our mission is to ensure that every educational professional we place is equipped to inspire and empower.
  • School Community: We believe in finding educators who not only excel in their roles but also contribute positively to the school community’s culture and ethos.
  • Professional Growth: Our approach to recruitment emphasises the professional growth of educators, ensuring they find roles that challenge and fulfil them.


Brighton and Hove: A Hub for Educational Excellence

Brighton and Hove boast a diverse and dynamic educational landscape. Our goal is to maintain and enhance this excellence by recruiting educators who are passionate, skilled, and dedicated to making a difference.


Our Recruitment Process: Rigorous and Personalised

  • Comprehensive Vetting: We conduct thorough background checks and interviews to ensure the highest quality candidates.
  • Personalised Matching: Understanding the unique needs of both educators and schools, we strive to create the perfect match.
  • Continuous Support: Our relationship with candidates and schools doesn’t end with placement. We provide ongoing support and guidance.


For Educators: Why Work in Brighton and Hove?

  • Diverse Opportunities: The region offers a wide range of educational settings, from urban schools to coastal academies.
  • Professional Development: Brighton and Hove are known for their innovative educational practices, offering ample opportunities for professional growth.
  • Community and Culture: Working in this area allows educators to become part of vibrant, inclusive communities.


A couple of fun facts about Brighton:

A Royal Pavilion with an Indian Twist: One of the most iconic landmarks in Brighton is the Royal Pavilion, an extravagant palace built as a seaside retreat for George, Prince of Wales, who later became King George IV. What makes it unique is its striking Indian-style architecture, which is quite unusual for a building in England. Designed by John Nash, the exterior exhibits a distinct Indian influence, while the interior is predominantly Chinese in style. This architectural marvel reflects the eccentric taste of the prince and stands as a symbol of Brighton’s eclectic character.

Birthplace of the World’s First Bodybuilding Contest: Brighton is credited with hosting the world’s first bodybuilding contest. Organised by Eugen Sandow, who is often referred to as the “father of modern bodybuilding,” the contest took place on September 14, 1901, at the Royal Albert Hall in London. This event marked the beginning of competitive bodybuilding as a sport and Sandow himself was a key figure in popularising the discipline during the early 20th century.


For Schools: Finding Your Ideal Educator

We understand the challenges schools face in finding the right educators. Our recruitment process is designed to alleviate these challenges, providing schools with candidates who meet their specific needs and contribute to their long-term goals.


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We invite educators to join our network, where they will receive updates on the latest opportunities, professional development resources, and support from our experienced team.


Testimonials: Success Stories from Brighton and Hove

Hear from educators and schools who have benefited from our recruitment services, sharing their experiences and the impact of our placements on their careers and institutions.


Stay Informed: Education News and Insights

Our platform provides valuable insights into the Brighton and Hove education sector, including trends, challenges, and opportunities for educators and schools.


Commitment to Safeguarding Young People

At Pink Tile, safeguarding the welfare of young people is paramount. We ensure that all candidates are rigorously checked and trained in safeguarding practices.


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