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Pink Tile are passionate about becoming and maintaining their place as the leaders in filling supply teaching positions around East Sussex and West Sussex as well as Surrey. We make sure all the candidates that we put forward are fully vetted and assessed thoroughly to make sure they are the right fit for your school for the long term.

This is of the utmost performance to us, as having someone who doesn’t fit quite right can disrupt the harmonious environment in your school, creating and exacerbating problems unnecessarily. We make sure that all candidates are reliable, consistency is key as well as being of the highest quality.

A Supply teacher is a priceless commodity, they are the superheroes of the school. They are drafted in when there’s a crisis and can prove to be a perfect stopgap before a long term solution can be found. We have a range of positions from nursery to primary school, secondary and PE, special educational needs and intervention. With such a vast range of options, we are certain to have the answer whether you are seeking work, or someone looking to find the best teachers!


Reasons why people become supply teachers

1. Flexibility – Unlike most teachers, who are limited by the school schedule when it comes to planning their holiday breaks, supply teachers have a unique opportunity to take advantage of off-peak travel prices and avoid congested tourist sites.

With no restrictions holding them back, they can create memories that will last forever! But that’s not the only type of flexibility that supply work offers. You can plan to have things delivered to your house, and be there for key family milestones.

2. Autonomy – Although planning, target-setting, assessments and meetings are generally required of a teacher’s day-to-day work such as making lesson plans and marking, supply teaching can provide an escape from these laborious activities.

It also relieves you from the nagging, sniping and pettiness you sometimes see from insecure colleagues and protects you from harassment from other staff and parents.

3. Variety – Variety is the spice of life as the saying goes. Most teachers stay in schools for many years or are “lifers”, which is to stay in one job or place for their whole life. While this has advantages such as stability and familiarity there are many who say that they have missed out. Experiencing new things, seeing new places and being in different environments is very healthy and supply teaching enables this.

4. Retirement – Many teachers find it hard to depart from the classroom, but fortunately they can still stay connected to teaching with supply work that is on their own terms. Ultimately you have autonomy over how much you work and when, so if you still have lots to offer to encourage students to reach their potential, then this is a good choice.

5. Relocation – If you have recently moved to a new location, and maybe you aren’t sure whether a certain school is going to be the right fit for you. Well, supply teaching allows you in the short term to try different environments and see what feels most comfortable before diving in at the deep end.

6. Test drive – Similar to relocation but just like taking a new car for a test drive before you decide to buy, supply teaching offers up the chance to work in different learning environments so that you can make a more informed choice before settling into a permanent job.

7. Return to teaching – Whether you took a break from the classroom for parenting, or are looking to switch careers and return, now is an excellent time to make your way back. There is a shortage of talent in the industry anyway but you will need to show that you are up to date with the methodologies and right for modern teaching. Supply teaching gives you that shop window to showcase yourself and get a more active role in the school.

8. Development – Your teaching style can become stagnant and stale if you have no new challenges. Supply work is a golden opportunity to converse with other educators, observe their teaching methods, plan and evaluate student development, and expand your mind to alternative approaches. It also allows you to avoid pitfalls and poor practices.

9. Earn as you learn – Supply teaching allows you the flexibility to re-train or work on other projects in your free time. As you can work however much you need or want to suit you, this could be your chance to level up and improve your career prospects simultaneously.


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